We are a team of cohesive people, who have consolidated our profession in dressing individual and exclusive women, since 1983.

Our continuous training and our constant trips to national and international fairs, facilitates us to know the trends and innovation in fabrics.

Which allows us to find the best and most appropriate for each of our clients by becoming their image consultants (Personal Shopper). Discovering in each collection how we can make them happier.

At present, they trust us more than thirty national and international brands and with them we make the most personalized looks for our clients and now we make it available to everyone through the digital catalog that you can see at


Advise women with a personalized outfit to make them feel happy.


We strive to be leaders in creating a personalized look with innovative garments of great design and quality to provide comfort and satisfaction to our customers.

We select our products at national and international fairs we combine more than 30 brands to get a better look.

We customize according to the style of each woman.


We strive to be a supportive and environmentally friendly organization, well managed for our employees, customers and citizens responsible for this society.

The Photocalls installed in the store itself aims to take photographs to the clients who request it allowing them through the photographs, express their look and share it with their friends through their social networks. If you are customers that Marel Mujer wishes, it will share these photos on their social networks with express and written authorization of them, thus complying with the European Data Protection Law.

This unique experience of being able to try on clothes in the store, view them and share them with their friends, is the way in which the creative staff of Marel Mujer, wants to make customers have a unique shopping experience.

Therefore, the Photocalls of Marel Woman is the key in the generation of contents of outfit and Lo
okcustomized for each occasion.

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